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Miko (Mike) Ulloa.

Servicing Windows Laptop and Desktop computer since 2001.

Quick Fix for common Computer Problems.

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Having issue with Virus/Spyware

Being infected with a nasty computer virus and or spyware it’s never good. As it could compromise your computer as well your personal information saved on your device as well online.

Virus Removal
55 %
Spyware Removal
75 %
Ransomware Removal
66 %

Latest Computer Virus

All Windows Operating System from 1.0 to 11

Free Security Application for Windows Laptop and Desktop Computers


Real time protection; on-demand checks; scheduled scans; USB keys optionally scanned as they’re inserted; there’s even the ability to create a bootable scanner on a USB key, which you can use to remove existing infections from other PCs.

Download Free Panda Antivirus
Miko Ulloa IT Technician
Miko Ulloa
Computer Hardware Technician

Security software I used on my own personal computer. Security software offer here are free for personal use. Feel free to click on the DOWNLOAD HERE link to download your free security application for your Windows PC.

Kaspersky ransomware

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool protects from ransomware at any stage of the attack from delivery to execution using technologies in the multi-layered protection stack.


Download Free Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool

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